More Party than Concert
On a recent Friday, HariKaraoke is playing to a full house at The Hamilton nightclub in DC. The HariKaraoke gig is much more a party than a concert. “We try to keep is a show,” Lewis said. The group often plays with a gong to abruptly end everyone’s misery if a tune is being mangled. But often when a singer is struggling, the band does a really good job of bringing them along.
Dave Nuttycomb, Washington Post, June 20, 2013

Best for channeling the rock star within
It's 8:29 p.m. on a Wednesday, and there's a line of people in Hill Country's entryway itching to be let downstairs for Rock 'n Twang Karaoke. At 8:30, the floodgates open. Tables get snatched up and stragglers vie for a spot at the bar, waiting for the HariKaraoke band to come on.... If you're lucky enough to get a table, you may still want to order from the bar as sometimes servers are stretched thin with crowds of up to 200 people.
Stephanie Merry and Jess Righthand, Washington Post, "Best Karaoke", October 27, 2011

For Wannabe Rock Stars
Why sing along to synthesized tracks when you can utter the immortal words “I’m with the band”? Washington’s own live karaoke band, HariKaraoke, tours bars in DC and Northern Virginia. The band features a lead guitarist, bassist, keyboard player, and drummer; its repertoire ranges from Elton John to Lady Gaga.
Sophie Gilbert, Washingtonian, "Best Karaoke in Washington", July 11, 2011

HariKaraoke takes the art of singing in public to a new level at Whitlow's on Wilson. When you get up to croon songs by Elvis, John Denver, Guns N' Roses, the Eagles or Bob Marley, you're grabbing the mike in front of a full - and fully competent - band that offers more than 100 selections. Adding to the entertainment, lousy performers get gonged off, and the crowd isn't hesitant to cheer (or boo) whoever's on stage.
Fritz Hahn, Washington Post, "Going Out Gurus", January 21, 2011

HariKaraoke Resonates with Hill Crowd
But come Wednesday, Congress’ closeted crooners climb down from their mountain and make a beeline for Hill Country, where they loudly and proudly belt out their personal anthems with a little help from the HariKaraoke Band.
Warren Rojas, Roll Call, "Live Band Karaoke Resonates With Hill Crowd", February 2, 2012

The Best Show in Town
The band behind this genius is a 4-man show that molds to just about every brave soul that takes the mic... Together, they give every singer their shot at the stage, and they rock the house! the night came to a close, I was honestly so sad that it was over!

Rock Star for the Night
The songs covered span the spectrum of classic rock, pop songs and oldies, but one thing was clear, the crowd loves it and so do the performers.
Alexandra Benedetto, On Tap Magazine

Wonderland Ballroom Closed for Roof Repairs
Columbia Heights institution Wonderland Ballroom is closed today for repairs after me, D-press, and Izza-HC tore the mother lovin’ roof off that place at last night’s Live Band Karaoke extravaganza, courtesy of the grade A awesome HariKaraoke Band. I will return...
Hazenberger, DC

It's a Blast...
I highly recommend checking out the show if you ever want to rock out of your everyday routine. It's a blast to watch people get into it...
Patrick Palafox,

Much More Exciting...
Live band karaoke is much more exciting, and singers sometimes don't go back to regular karaoke because having a band backing you, your adrenaline starts flowing and you realize it's live...
Topher Forhecz, Gazette.Net

Desperately Seeking Date Night...
My husband and I now have a confirmed date night every Wednesday. Any recommendations? "Live Band Karaoke at Hill Country BBQ."
Fritz Hahn, Washington Post - May 23, 2012